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Looking For A Sponsor To Order Your Kangen Water™ Machine? Look No Further

The Kangen® 8 is now Enagic®’s most powerful antioxidant machine – featuring 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates! This additional electrode plate increases the electrolysis surface area, improves water ionization, and heightens the antioxidant production potential.

You have done your research about Kangen Water, you have read all about the great things that hydrating with the Enagic Kangen Water System could benefit you and your overall health. Now you’re ready to order your Kangen Water Machine Online but you don’t have a Sponsor or a Sponsor ID#.

Look no further – we’re happy to sponsor you on your investment towards good healthy living. Change you water ….. change your life. 🙂


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How Can Kangen Water™ Help You?

Kangen Water™ is alkaline, ionized, anti-oxidant, oxygen-rich, detoxifying, micro-clustered, active hydrogen saturated, oxidation reduced, powerful living water for hydrating your body.

Kangen Water™ Technology

Water is purified, then given an electrical charge to recreate electron rich Kangen Water™. Its molecular formula shifts from HₐO to “H+” + “OH-“. In plain English…. it’s now living water again.

  • Restores your alkaline balance and prevents the build up of acidic toxins that lead to disease
  • Acts as a powerful antioxidant, promoting a strong immune system
  • You’ll feel the higher levels of energy associated with better hydration
  • The SD501 unit produces 5 types of water conveniently from your own tap

Looking For A Sponsor To Order Your Kangen Water™ Machine? Look No Further 🙂

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